Future Skills Farming – proud award winners: Future Prize 2020 of Steirisches Vulkanland/A

Our mission

Making enterprises fit for a prosperous future – that is our mission . We focus on the development of the people working within organisations and the culture within the company. We cultivate our art of doing because we support and inspire designers of a livable and successful working world.

Our vision

We want to create healthy cultures within businesses and organisations, so they are working with an attitude of open creativity to be successfully able to creating a prosperous future in a world worth living.

The cornerstones of our work

  • The art of LEADING
  • The art of COMMUNICATION
  • The art of MENSCHSEIN, being boldly human
  • The art of creating SPACE
  • The art of managing TECHNOLOGY development
  • The art of developing INNOVATION the world needs

We achieve our goals

  • through implementing future skills that ensure economic success.
  • through entrepreneurs and managers who take responsibility, communicate in an adept manner and lead in an inspiring way
  • through employees with innovative power, enthusiasm and genuine skills

Who will benefit when growing with us

Our main focus is on working with

  • Companies
  • Organisations
  • Start Ups
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Non Profit Organisation
  • Educational Organisations

We address all those for whom an inspiring, focused leadership and corporate culture is or should become an essential part of their development.

What drives us Future Skills Farmers?

We are convinced that we have answers to the challenges of the complexity of our time. And they are benevolent! To speak with Gerald Hüther: loving! We are happy to share them. We are experts in our field and live what we develop with our clients. We are creative, like to play and love effective results that make our clients successful. This is only possible if the employees find themselves in the core business and give their best.

Locally and internationally – where do we work?

We live mostly in the Steirisches Vulkanland and around Graz, we have traveled far and are still on the road a lot. We are active here, in our immediate surroundings, a rural region with a high innovation factor, and everywhere where we can communicate well  with our working languages. They are: German, English, Italian and French.

The Future Skills Experts

Karola Sakotnik

Mastermind and Founder, expert for New Work, communication and creativity processes or in other words MenschSein, being boldly human in the digitized world. She is the master assistance to increase impact. Her motto: Leaders live inspiration not transpiration! We need to understand and control our own human technology in order to be good leaders.“Think big, create a culture. Be able to follow your gut feeling, knowing when it is giving you useful information and when it is freaking out. Knowing that creativity and humour are key to us humans helps to make a vision. It is about taking all the courage, being empathetic, daring to name the truth and go for it!”

More about Karola – here

Gerald Pfleger

IT Experts with ethics and consciousness on saftey, with a tollbox of business coaching. His credo: IT is needed by humans, only humans.

Stefanie Essl

The lawyer with the big heart. She is the founder of our department “The human approach to legal matters”. HR legal expert, Empowerment Experts and Solution-Enthusiast for tricky challenges.

Harald Karrer

“Wow! Genius! Incredible!” are the reactions to his visualizations. They show how unique and inspiring the art – to visualize ideas, facts and relationships – is. Neurobiology can now prove that images actually physically remodel our brain. By documenting processes with pictures, we all become not only creators of our environment but also of ourselves. His motto: Change and even more, transformation, begins in the head and in the heart. 

Andrea Maurer

HR Expert with focus on soft skills. Her motto: “Without encounter, nothing can be achieved! And when that happens cheerfully and warmly, nerds open up too.

Roman Schmidt

Advertising guru for valuable marketing and regional developer. His motto is: “Too much is of little or no use, but to add value is almost everything.

Katrin Schnabel

Expert for resolving of success blockages and individual concerns. Her motto: The potential “human being” unfolds through values, dignity and contact. Every decision has a profit, a price and a consequence. Because being human means shaping. She sees the key to success in the courage to make conscious decisions.

Thorsten Kondla

Expert in the art of leadership through Zen martial arts and leadership coach. His motto: Leadership not leadershit – just be human, now!

Sigrid Mayer

Mehr zu Sigrid hier

The motto of the architect, coach and new work expert: Give change (unfolding) SPACE. More and more artificial intelligence is moving into our offices. This means that activities for people will focus even more on creativity and intuition. Attention USP! It is all about making the spaces of work fit for the future together.