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We believe in the power of New Leadership for New Work environments. Self-organised teams need leaders who are able to trust, to communicate, to cultivate framework and establish appropriate boundaries.

And they need to know when to make decisions and when to walk in front.

Keynote Inspiration

The Curious Leaders´ Keynote aspires to inspire! Who? You!  It offers insights into why it is so valuable to start a process of transformation into new ways of culture at work. It also wants to intrigue you how it can work and why it literally will pay off. last but not least it offers some facts of what you need to develop before starting into your journey to a successful work future.

A different way of learning

Learning works best when relations are established, when there is a good portion of joy and learners are activated to work out of intrinsic motivation.

Our offer for you to reach that goal are these four interventions. Choose one, more or all four, be shure that both your Gen Z colleagues as well as the baby boomers will enjoy and evolve.

The Keynote

The Curious Leader


Meaningful Conversations

Live Sessions

The Curious Leaders´Jam Sessions


Transformation Pilots

Because our world needs curious, humorous and wise leaders to cultivate a business world worth living in

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