The Curious Leaders Jam Sessions

At Future Skills Farming we are all about inspiring you, experienced, starting and future leaders, to cultivating a human work (and thus life) culture.

New Leadership is

all about development and culture transformation.

New Leadership is not

just courage, decisiveness and knowledge.

Curious Leaders are

also about curiosity, playfulness, creativity and the art of cultivating meaningful conversations.

Let´s hone your Future Skills in “Daring to Be Boldly Human”

  • develop future skills you don’t learn in Business School
  • Cultivate them like a Farmer who knows his craft
  • perform them like an art

Yes and how?

We meet up, do a live learning session on

  • How to communicate like a pro
  • Getting to know new forms of organising yourself, your team, your organisation
  • How to create fields of sustainable learning
  • We play and perform like a jazz band or theatre improv –

fun, serious, unusual!


Book us or join us 

sneak in, stay, improve your skills and find friends…