Future Skills Leadership Transformation

Sustainable companies are managed by leaders who are future fit. We call upon a transformation to Being Boldly Human and Smart Understanding of Technology!

  • Learn how to create your success in a volatile future

  • Acquire skills you don’t learn in business school


Human means to understand and to be able to use the entire human potential, in a sense of using the abundance of the human approach to problem solving – focused, complex and ambivalent, as well as inspired.

Digital means understanding the technological approach to problem solving – binary codes, black or white answers, excluding one or the other – as the second main approach useful for completely different tasks.

Combining both approaches in a conscious way is our answer to cultivate a development in economy in order to generate a future worth living.

Curious for more?

Here is an audio sample from the podcast Sales Up Call by Stephan Heinrich: Interview with Future Skills Farming founder and Chief Creativity Officer Karola Sakotnik – in German

Full Interview plus a TRANSCRIPT AS PDF – order now

Leadership for Transformation Summit online

Date: 27.11.2020
    • Live at Kornberg Castle/Austria – max 30 persons
    • Online via ZOOM – interactive and with direct answers
    • Order your Sense Activation Package recommended

21 Days Challenge Leadership Transformation

Next Challenge in English starts on Sept 16 2020

3 weeks of individual leadership transformation by developing your Future Skills

      • Online
      • Daily 30 min
      • online blended learning: self-study and live support
      • Twice  a week live After Lunch Coffee Meeting
      • Fits also in 60 hours weeks


      • Recipes for success for leaders in the current era
      • Future Skills and Things you don’t learn in Business School
      • Applying simply Being Boldly Human

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