Future Skills Leadership Transformation

Sustainable companies are lead by leaders. Individuals who are future fit. Transformation, also called deep cultural change, is the calling of the day.

We believe that corporate leadership in particular plays a central role in living a culture that prepares a good soil for a healthy and rich harvest. And we are convinced that new ways are needed to prepare this soil. Our customers decide for themselves what these ways look like. We accompany them in finding options and accompany you on your  path – we work WITH you and your team.

Three areas we are supporting you as our customers:

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Which area are you interested in? How can we be of service?

  • Culture development processes
  • Team development and training
  • Leadership development and coaching

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Edutainment – the opportunity to experience new thinking with ease and curiosity. |

We have teamed up with the online event professionals from Organic Adventure and are constantly developing new formats for online edutainment. Short interventions to multi-part online courses on our Academy platform.

NEW: Virtual Fireside Chats – exclusive Online Knowledge and Socialising Events







Leadership Transformation Summit – The think tank to promote perspectives!

Let’s open a discussion that promotes perspectives instead of serving bans, restrictions and end-time scenarios. So that the most important fuel for a successful future is spread, namely courage, confidence and hope.

Four times a year, we invite interested people to exchange ideas and discuss questions and answers on leadership topics with us, accompanied by experienced coaches and moderators. Three times this takes place online on a Friday afternoon, and once a year the Summit takes place hybrid, i.e. online and also live.

Collecting knowledge and making it available

Since May 2021, a brochure has been produced of each summit, with all co-thinkers as co-authors.

Next dates

Depending on the current situation with COVID19, we will catch up with our big summer event – here is the programme to make you curious

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Daring to think differently- cultural change happens when you dare to face the crisis with courage, confidence and trust

  • Participation is either free of charge or as a supporter
  • The link to purchase a tasting package will be sent to you after registration or you can order right here
  • Tasting of Weißburgunder by Andrea Dietl (Asia Trophy winner), Herzogin Rosa by Doris Sorger and DeVin Senora Gin by Lisa Bauer. All from the Styrian Vulkanland with Sommelière  Sissi Kroneder.



The programme

  • Aida Carmen Soanea on “Musicians are creative entrepreneurs! Their art is a craft filled with soul”.
  • Helena Jochberger/D,A on “Apeiron – the artists’ platform”.
  • Dr. Ariane Pfleger /A on “Finance and Meaning
    Interactive exchange with participants and speakers

The Human Experience in a digital World

  • Tastings – activate the  senses
  • Live visualisations – create a common image
  • Concert and live music – speak o the creative and epathetic  part of  us

All speakers will speak in their native language, there will be translation into English in the chat and the discussion will be bilingual


21 Tage Challenge MUTIG MenschSEIN

BEING BOLDly Human – darig to Think Differently. The Online Programme along with the book, tha twill appear in English in 2022. A development programme for emaotional intelligence, creativity and emotional toughness. Personal, human and individual. A programme really worth the investment – both n business and in life!

Info & Booking here

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Monday Briefing: Daring to Think Differently | Neues Denken wagen

  • Erfahren Sie mehr über zukunftsfähige Erfolgsrezepte

  • Things you don’t learn in Business School

  • Deutsch & English

Our philosphy:

  • BEING BOLDLY Human: is the art of mastering the whole range of human potential such as being emotional intelligent, creative, empathetic, intuitive and inspired
  • SMART UNDERSTANDING of Technology: is the art of understanding technology and the value within, using it smartly
  • IMPACT USAGE of Communication : the art of visualization using shared visualized images to enhance communication that works.

Subscribe to the youtube channel of Founder and Chief Creativity Officer Karola Sakotnik | new series premieres each Monday evening on youtube. Join in and participate interactively! Leave us your comments!

The Monday Briefing by Future Skills Farming Founder and Chief Creativity Officer Karola Sakotnik and her guests. At Future Skills Farming we believe in a deep need of leadership transformation as our world keeps changing in a crucial fast pace. Our mission is to encourage business leaders to explore themselves and to take responsibility to generate a world worth living. Inspiring briefings and directions on specific subjects regarding HUMAN & DIGITAL:

  • Topics regarding Future Skills for Leaders and corporate culture
  • Experiences and learning in the field of development beyond change.
  • The importance of heroes journeys in business environments
  • Understanding technology and its difference to humans in processing information

Curious for more?

Here is an audio sample from the podcast Sales Up Call by Stephan Heinrich: Interview with Future Skills Farming founder and Chief Creativity Officer Karola Sakotnik – in German

Full Interview plus a TRANSCRIPT AS PDF – order now

Leadership for Transformation Summit online

Date: 27.11.2020
    • Live at Kornberg Castle/Austria – max 30 persons
    • Online via ZOOM – interactive and with direct answers
    • Order your Sense Activation Package recommended

21 Days Challenge Leadership Transformation

Next Challenge in English starts on Sept 16 2020

3 weeks of individual leadership transformation by developing your Future Skills

      • Online
      • Daily 30 min
      • online blended learning: self-study and live support
      • Twice  a week live After Lunch Coffee Meeting
      • Fits also in 60 hours weeks


      • Recipes for success for leaders in the current era
      • Future Skills and Things you don’t learn in Business School
      • Applying simply Being Boldly Human

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